Within the Greatness is the Image of God, as this is what you are! Now come receive the blessings pure to know the perfect part! You need not fear the truth of you, the place you often hide. I say, Come and Hold my hand, and soon discover the Glory of Always!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Elder Crystal and Indigo Prophet Speak of Rolling Hills Inside of Heaven and Earth's Return

Interpretation by White Buffalo Calf Woman (cw) Crystal Elder Wakan Iyeshka or holy interpreter for Constant Looking Glass Dream (lg) Indigo Warrior Prophet and Great Teacher

(lg)When I was 26 years old I had a dream that was very inspiring and insightful. It was so powerful that when I dreamt it I felt it was really occurring and when I woke up I said to myself: "This dream was the prelude to my self empowerment~and that power is LOVE!"

(cw) You were at an age of majesty, as One has said over the hoop (over 25, one side of the passageway of the four rolling hills in time) and this is the age when you communicate with self to self and this offers you some wisdom to truth, the perfect part of your heart.  Insightful you say, for the world, yet you see it for yourself.  It is not only you, you saw, but what each of us en-twirl.  We are opening up to the wind, and you have vision of the world, as you can see into the Looking Glass and vision for all of the world.  It is not only you who needs the empowerment of the self, but we all need LOVE to find our way, into the portal doors we delve. When sow many are planting the seeds to who we have become, we need realize that you are the Indigo Girl who comes to show us the way! A Prophet you are my Beloved Child, my little Sister who is dawning inside.  We need you to be the Good News of the day, and show the world not to hide...

(lg) The dream begins with me standing on a shore that is dark with overcast gray skies. I look down into the mirror of the green Sea to find my image like a shadow, elusive. I dive into the water and decide to take the journey to the next distant shore.

(cw) Each of us longs to be on the other shore, the place we go to and fro when we breathe inside.  Now when you are in the Dream state, you are flying in Heaven's wake, and there is it dark and gray, just like Grandmother Space (the embrace of your dreams).  When you look down into the Green Sea, you recognize yourself, for you carry the Green grass that flows, the embrace of ONENESS without, the spiritual flowing within. (Rainbow Colors are: Indigo, green, gray, grandmother gray)  Now Grandmother follows the embrace of dust, and Green follows the One, where you follow each of self you sea, to be with the embrace of self.  The green sea is where the heart is blue, the relatives who knows the way, and the green is the embrace of this heart, and this is why it's green and blue. 

The sea we often look upon are these two colors that collide, because the well of life we respond to, is built in from inside. As it overflows and gains, it swells to overflow, we ride the wave to the other shore, where we plant our feet to reside.  The shadow it mere company, the place within your embrace, the space of Grandmother who seems elusive to us, like space seems to have no light.  Wells are full of darkness within, and we don't recognize this dark, the numinous flowing to all the worlds, the perfect revelation she brings!  Many who are Grandmothers seem not to exist, because there is no light, because heaven is the numinous flowing that exists, and we need vision with a heart!

The water has risen to the distant shore and we have to go for a ride, because we have no control over this, like a tsunami who crashes and destroys.  When you plunge into the tide, you trust that you will survive and make it to the other side, and there in the distance is a new land, the shore on the other side!

(lg) I begin swimming in a wave like motion as a large snake would hump it's back out and into it's self in the water. As I swim I find myself entwined with a man. We swim together as one in the same wave like motion; our spirits making love in spiritual communion as we move forward.

(cw) Over rolling hills we do go, like the waves of lights that glow!  Our hearts know the to and fro, the open ocean's flow.  And like the snake you have a shroud (to shelter and protect, as one of ropes that secure the lines to the canopy of a parachute, or the cable to a mast on a sailing vessel at sea) to protect the skin of love, the law itself is to and fro, the song of sailing winds. The snake is the law of love that compresses the open sea, the stars at night that do ignite need comfort in the breeze.  It is the way of sailing ships that need the motion of time, to sail away with an open heart, to search for the divine.  And as we sail and search the winds, we are lucky if to see, the flesh of light is man's delight, and soul is numinous seas, as woman comes to be.  And as you swam upon the waves to the to and fro, you found yourself entwined with self, the flesh to the soul.  

Here is the action of One, the whole who meets the self. The blue road (soul of the seas) greets the red road (lights of the flesh) and swims the song of whales (along the Red Road of swelling hearts as their song travels thousands of miles to communicate like the scientist who view the stars who can see further if they travel the infra red waves).  This is the motion of one true love, the spirit with true sails. And when we do move in this way, the communion of the marriage bees, the buzzing and sting of burn, is when we sink and sea (vision of the heart in the dark).  The vision we do need.  As we enter this crossing of time, we get to have wisdom's dream, and we do walk and speak one way instead of being two ways.  Here is the flowing of one true love, the elder who says what s/he means, and we are living a dream within, to be the dream who stings (offering the law of love, where action of morality is bringing us home).  This is what a Woman does, as you carry only she, for you are here to teach the earth, the heaven that is within.  And when we learn of loving ways and bring them in the light (he), then our dreams become reality, and move forward with delight. 

(lg) Suddenly our fins entwine and we accelerate in speed , spinning like a torpedo to the other side of the shore. I am delighted to get there so quickly. 

(cw)  It's the action of the winds who carry us through time, over the millennia we do flow, as if we sailed the eternal seas.  We can travel faster than light with our spiritual soul, as light moves 186,000 miles per second, and only heaven knows. Spinning around like a torpedo is exactly what we do, for we are descending throughout time, to learn about our fuel (fire that ignites).  This is the Earth herself, where we learn of paradise, and when we are soul elders, we learn to lean on her.  

This is evolution's calling that each and everyone, must flow, for none can escape this destiny, not even God it shows! The other shore is day and night, the living lights that glow.  For we are dreaming in the day light, just we don't even know.  And when the night comes we think of dark, the numinous of our souls, however it's the same day, the light greets the dark.  This is the center of love, the place that is to and fro, the breath of life, the even keel, that allows us all to know (flow).  We think of time as slow, but it's like the past come hear!  The many tears, that shed the way, to gift us this loving days, to sail the seas and find the other shore, gives delight to all the breeze!

(lg) When I get to the shore, I am no longer with this male but he is integrated in me. My fin sheds and I walk out of the water into beautiful sunshine and clear skies. Another man meets me at this shore and takes me by my hand. 

(cw) From within the darkness you find the shore, where lights do glow at last, and you find yourself united within, and without here we go.  It's man you say, who greets the day, but light is the male.  Of course he is the sunshine of our life, the sun (son), who guides the flow.  He has a mission a calling to fulfill, to show the world aglow.

Now another man comes to you and holds you by the hand, and says, "How are you come on in and I will show you my treasures that glow", I will be here when you need my hand, to hold and protect you, just remember "I am here", to wish upon a star.  Then we will be together like friends, but more, even relatives who have a dream...

(lg) He leads me to his dwelling. I willingly enter curious to see what is inside because it stands and shines like a palace. When we enter he shows me his prized possessions and displays of cold abstract art. I am not as interested as I thought I would be in his home and I politely excuse my self. 

(cw) And when we enter the palace of God, the beloved company, we share all that is curious and bold to be the standing seas.  This is the place you offer us, the way of loving breeze, for we can create anything, if only we could believe.  These are my possessions, now you show me yours, for dreams unfold if you are bold and we could make believe.  This is what dreams are hear to sing the song of love.  You love this and I love that, and we make the world a dream. Not to be interested in another man's treasures is saying, it's not for me, but most will show you the children we behold, and we all look at them differently.  

If we don't care of what a man has, not to covet, but to have and to hold, then we won't understand them too well, and we won't have relatives in the breeze.  Each have a wisdom and dream inside and we need listen to their dreams, for if we do, then learn do we, and wisdom springs like a dream.  The well of life, that overflows, is what we all really need, the swelling of the heart beat, to understand all the leaves (relatives on the tree of life). Instead of politely excusing our selves, we choose to delight and behold, then we share a heart between the loving and the Queens.  Then our Kings will find the way, into the hearts of heaven's door, to be kinsmen to know the ways, of dreams that are fulfilled. A marriage fit for the royal family, the house of the beloved that stands still throughout the rolling seas (time over rolling hills as waves of evolution flow through us to speak of all the tales).

(lg) When I leave I run onto the sunny beach rejoicing in my freedom doing flips and cartwheels all the way to the shoreline. When I get to shore, I see an old boyfriend who I care for very much sitting on the water's edge.

(cw) As you depart, you did not offer love in your wake, but dreamed you left without concern, and then you leave to the find rejoice, as if you have only one concern (selfishness a measure of protection to hurt). Upon the great sun in the sky, freedom abounds like pure light, and you roll over and over and over again to find the shoreline upon the dream.  Here you think you don't understand where you are in heaven's land, and see an old flame who was underhand.  At heaven's gate there is much hate, because you did not get what you asked, but instead you got what you needed, the edge of the dreamland to your return. 

(lg) He looks over at me and I notice he is sitting with two scanty clad women whose identity is focused on being attractive and sexual. He has his arm around them both and gloats over the two prizes clinging to his arms. I am not disgusted or impressed: my demeanor is neutral about his choice of company.

(cw)  As the you saw what was left behind, the man who has more important concerns.  He is looking for lust you sea, a vision of what you don't like to be.  However it's this in a man's pure love, who must continue in his good name.  To reproduce and enjoy the sensuality, of creating a new life, where none was please.  Yes, men are so proud of what they have, especially women who come to land, upon the shore of heaven's gate for only woman can be this way!  She is the power that he lacks and control of thee, gifts the illusion of what he needs. 

Inside of heaven is the power of woman, she is the power that man has not.  And you are the embrace of all that is not good, including the lust of man who knows not words.  The Grandmother space offers love inside regardless of who or what we do, and the Green Grass is the ONE true embrace of the flowing river of light and dark.  When others choose this or that, we wonder why they have to just mat (the place where we place our feet, the law of love) and what makes us move in a certain direction, it's law of love, not choice, but love.  When we gift what evolution brings, and we forgive all who give us grief, then we are able to move along, to shed tears of love that do long.  We find that we are able to find our way, into the oceans of deep despair.

(lg) I begin to walk into the water then I turn and say to him, " Listen, I had my time being that, I cannot be that anymore. Are you coming with me?" He does not respond. I walk another step into the water then say to him, "I cannot be that anymore. Are you coming with me or not?" I wait and no response.

(cw)  You journey and journey and move into the sea, the place where the heart roams, the place of disease, and you offer your hand of true love to him and he turns away to his prize on his arm. You ask him are you coming with me and he doesn't know which way of his disease, yet you are still willing to hold his hand, and tell him that there are distant lands.  The day of dawning is coming towards me and we are learning to offer them choice, however it's only all a dream, to be part of perfect harmony.  Twice you recall the heaven's gate, to embrace those who are full of hate, and yet he does not choose this, this day, because he has his own evolution's calling. Sometimes our love is not enough, because the law of love must not come from us.  They need choose the loving way, and we cannot ask them to forgive and pray.  

This is what true love doesn't understand, that we need be warrior and defend the land.  You needed to communicate all his hate, by beating him (not hurt you, but beat some sense into you, because I care.  In the movie Lion King, the wise monkey hits the young lion with a stick on this head, and the lion says "What did you do that for?"  And the wise monkey said, "It hurts just like the past, now is it going to stop your destiny?" And the lion, enter realization!) and dragging him down towards the shore.  Now this seems illogical, yes indeed.  But winning is not for only he or me, but love is tough and we need to win, for all of the brotherhood that they do sin. True love cares and cares enough to be loud.  True love cares enough to fight for love.  True love is what we do everyday when we demand they do it a better way! This shows we care for not only self.  This shows we love even the worst.  And this shows we need to be really hard, in order to save the lying girth. They need love, because no one cared.  And how will we save them if we don't care?  WE need to be the LAW of LOVE, to help them choose a better day.  The realization that love lies within!

(lg) I take another step into the water and look back a third time and say, "Listen I am not that anymore. Are you coming with me or not?" No response. I turn and begin to walk into the water without looking back. 

(cw) As you looked into the water of the sea, the tears of love that came before thee.  And you took a third time to look over at thee, the light of living, the luminous free.  This is where heaven's gate opens up towards, the lying and cheating of those in despair.  And if we don't look and open their hearts, how will we be the true who depart.  There in front of you, the way home (the way of love), just one foot in front of the other leads there.  Others who do not follow have much to forgive. Because others did not teach them about the fire ceremony.  The blessings that could of released their sin. To venture into the heart of pure love, where oceans of tears would have embraced their hearts.

(lg) As I do, I grow seaweed for hair, a body of Earth and a fish scaled fin. I dive with grace into the water and reach the distant shore. My journey was restful and rejuvenating. 

(cw) The waters of green and blue of the well, is part of the swelling you feel in your heart.  And as you continue with your adventure, the green grass is pondering which way do I go.  The hair is the antenna to God's true path, the place the green grass grows in the heart, the way of eternal of our spirits flow as you reach out into the body of Earth.  There we swim and swim in the girth, the place of illusion, the place of the lights, and what does guide you but fins that seek the way, like saying I choose this devoted way.  "I shall reach the distant shore.  I shall be glory forever and more.  And I shall be the life that seeks the place, of solace of the peaceful and open grace."

(lg) When I reach the water's edge I come out of the water as a taller version of my self with confidence and beauty in my stride. This side of the shore is still dark and I walk on feeling peace within. I look up into the heavy laden sky and hear a voice say to me"In the darkness you will always walk in the light: you walk this path alone!"

(cw) There at the edge of a distant universe, you emerge greater because of thee, the place of beauty and walking confidence because you chose to be with Earth.  There we walk over rolling hills.  There our hearts do know the girth.  The place we dreamed of inside the dark, the numinous flowing of heaven's heart.  And as you look up into the dark dank sky, your realize that (Cosmic Rainbow ) Mother is the thunder who guides.  Inside of open space you do need to be, the place of growing with all the leaves (relatives) and Rainbows do guide us to the great divide, to open the hearts of all those who collide. After walking through the door, the crystalline river that knows so much despair, we realize that each is on their own course, to be the light inside heaven's door.  There the spring of wells do bloom.  The heart that busts and show the loom (the weaving of destiny) and we are all but on a path unto ourselves, because it's called evolution's floor (the deep dark of the loving heart).

We are beholden to the tears of time, who brought us forwards like the tides.  Remember that Heaven is our true home, and we are only walking inside of her womb.  And we are just being the call of good grace, when we are allowed to dream and be the light.  Here is the place of Kings and their men, the kinsmen who have walked eons and eons. We are the royal family when we realize that we are the open and beloved skies. 

Don't be illusioned by your own steps deer (journey of life) because it's the way of dawning that comes.  For we are part of everything even if we choose to sin and weep.  The darkness speaks of you in the light, you choose the way of your delights, yet you may walk inside of your darkness, like a dream that wakes up to the light.  When we recover inside of evolution, we enter the place where we are part of. Not only do we travel along our own evolution of lights, we also are part of the World's plight.  They are part of us, like an arm and we reach out to them and bring them home.  And we are not going to be separate anymore, when we all take our places and search the shores (over the horizon).

Again, in the darkness we walk the light, only when we choose to be the plight, to suffer in the name of love and reach out where they sin, to bring them home all together again. Every being has it's own evolution, yet we together have evolution's key, to be the entwined of loving shores, to bring us together where Brotherhood roams.

(lg) I now know that this dream was a gift given to me to stay on my spiritual course and cut all distractions out of my life so I would be properly girded for the times to come. May we all be prepared and walk in the light in the darkness serving and helping many along the way.

(cw) Each have vision to guide and perceive, this is called "the perspective of me".  The "I am" of loving hands we seek to entwine, the heart of forever, the heart of divine.  We are guided down a course of events, to offer us lessons to prove our worth.  And when we choose law of love over defeat, then we emerge like a living tree. Like the tree of life reaches into the light, where leaves of family go on and on, and down below, they reach for their roots, below where fire and earth do grow.  Joining us together is law of love, the trunk of forever, the true one girth, and we are like the trees of life, when we become a forest that singles out life.  The trees offer to us, the human breath, to give us what we need and vice versa and this brings us back to eternal sacred hoop, where the circle of life offers us truth. 

As the fire from down below reach up with love to have a glow, the light from the darkness does do glow, like a fire in the night, to make crackling noise.  We are the purification of the dark.  When we pray and live the sacred ways.  Because if we don't come home to the leaves (relatives), we offer the suffering of all of the disease.  There are so many who don't know their way, and we need teach them to kneel down to pray.  To be like the rainbow who returns home to them, with a pot of gold who gift abundance to life. And as you said, it's our part to serve, for the Greatest Teacher upon the Earth, the Indigo Warrior who gifts us this vision, to teach us to walk inside of the dark. And to spring light where ever there is plight, for they are relatives need us this day, to conquer and rule a more meaningful way! 

You can find this vision from Constant Looking Glass, the Wonder of the World, here with rainbow warriors of prophecy who collide and walk the way of warriors who care! http://whitebuffalocalfwoman.ning.com/profiles/blogs/a-dream-that-has-stayed-with 

(lg: the Perfect Soul the Indigo Warrior, divide and conquer with loving arms) Wonder of the World, Your Constant Looking Glass.  Aimee the Beloved will hold your hand, while sending the arrow into the heart of Heaven. Hark, what do I see but Angels falling down on their knees. It's you, she says, look it's you! The place we are beholden to, the Green Grass of the Earth!

(cw:  the Perfect Flesh the Crystal Warrior, get in your face you deserve with love) White Buffalo Calf Woman who is part of all dreams, because she belongs to the place of evolution's calling, when folding of light and dark brings us to eternity, the rolling hills and the open seas!  She is the Twin Deer Mother to all the leaves (kinsmen) apparently even the Calves who don't sea, and when the children come home to thee, the doorway into the light and dark of eternity!

Fire Offers Purification